History of CJSC Aeromar began in 1989. Back then, nobody could guess the future of the new company: was it destined to perish in competition or become a prosperous company, recognized not only at home but far beyond the Russian borders?

CJSC Aeromar was the second Soviet-American joint venture after McDonalds on the territory of the USSR. The founders of the company were: from the Soviet side Aeroflot Headquarters with 51% of shares, and from the U.S. side Marriott In-flight Services, a subsidiary of Marriott Hotel Chain, with 49%. The name of the new company was made from the first syllables of the names of its parent companies.

As its contribution to share capital, Marriott In-flight Services provided their know-how and advanced technologies of catering business. The American company carried out major reconstruction of production facilities. New modern equipment arrived from England, Germany and the US. The on-board meal shop was equipped with fast cooling and shock freezing chambers.

The air conditioning system was also installed. Since then hot and cold meal preparation shops have kept the required temperature for cooking and serving on board meals in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP System. This allows us to keep the food fresh during the entire production cycle.

Some 10-12 foreign managers had helped the company with the initial startup operations.

When Aeromar was created, Russian in-flight meal companies had had no idea about modern technological processes. Foreign experts provided their know-how, introducing Cycle Time and LEAN concepts. These concepts allowed to properly calculate and control the necessary amounts of raw materials for the equipment, rotate products, and minimize waste and losses.

The setup of a modern catering company at Sheremetyevo Airport was a significant step toward improving the culture of air passenger service flying aboard Aeroflot, the Russian national airline, as well as other foreign airlines. In the competition with the worlds leading airlines it was very important for Aeroflot to create a brand new image, and CJSC Aeromar became a part of this strategic target program.