The leader of the Russian aviation catering market JSC Aeromar offers a new service - the sale of ready-to-eat meals.

So far, the new service has become available only to employees and guests of the Federation Tower of the Moscow City International Business Center. It was there that a "smart" refrigerator was launched, offering delicious food from a world-renowned supplier with a 30-year history.

In the Uletny Lunch micromarket, you can buy a three-course lunch, breakfast, drinks or individual dishes to choose from. Every weekday there are three meals from Russian, European and Asian cuisine. The prices will delight customers: each dish costs 100 rubles, a 3-course set - 300 rubles, to which you can get a drink as a gift.

Customers are served by a sales assistant, but the refrigerator can also operate in "unmanned" mode using the Briskly application - B-Pay.