Our partner SME Bank offers special lending conditions for the development of entrepreneurial activities for the self-employed.

Amount of credit:

  • Up to 500 thousand rubles. (Borrower's registration period is from 0 months)
  • From 500 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles. (Borrower's registration period is from 3 months)

Credit term:

  • Up to 36 months.

Loan rate:

  • 7.75% per annum.

Borrower requirements:

  1. An individual applying the special tax regime "Tax on professional income", who is not an individual entrepreneur.
  2. The borrower has a positive credit history.
  3. The income from the current activities of the borrower allows you to cover the costs of servicing and repaying the loan.

How do I apply?
Details by phone: 8 800 30 20 100
Apply: www.smbfin.ru