JSC Aeromar is the largest catering company in Russia with 30 years of history and experience working with world-class chefs such as: Pierre Gagnier, Björn Frantzen, Alain Llorka, as well as William Lamberti, Giacomo Lombardi, Christian Lorenzini and Kamel Benmamar.

The priority of our company is the timely provision of high-quality onboard meals to air passengers, but for our regular partners we are ready to offer a range of dishes for holding festive events and buffets on pre-orders.

You can place an order from 9:00 to 17:00 on any working day.

By phone +7 (495) 234-94-75 ext. 320; by email: shop@aeromar.ru;

The minimum order period is 3 working days before the date of receipt.

The order is made on a prepaid basis in the SkyShop-Land store: Moscow region, Khimki, Sheremetyevskoe shosse, possession 31 (opposite the LU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia at Sheremetyevo airport).

Delivery: in-store pickup