About company

Aeromar is the largest airline company in Russia producing food for air passengers. We provide services for cleaning and equipping aircraft interiors, as well as providing trade.

Our company serves more than 40 customers. We serve flights with top officials and heads of state on board, as well as the Special Flight Unit "Russia", which provides its aircraft to fulfill the strategic tasks set by the Government of the Russian Federation.

We provide cleaning and equipment services for aircraft. Our modern production meets international requirements and standards.

We work and continue to work, not being distracted by external factors and not looking back at competitors. Aeromar is always on top! Aeromar is with you in heaven and on earth! ”



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St. Petersburg
Pilotov st., 18, building 4

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Artem, Portovaya st., 41

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Airport area, territory 355

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st. Lenin d. 48

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Aeroflotskaya village, airport area, 36A

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Bulgakovo village, Airport microdistrict

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st. them Evdokia Bershanskoy, building 355

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