On-board catering is a fairly conservative area. According to international standards of the catering business, excessive innovations, “non-standard” approaches are unacceptable.

Meals must comply with generally accepted requirements. And despite these limitations, Aeromar chefs provide a wide selection of varied meals for their passengers.

For chefs of "Aeromara" there are no problems with cooking according to recipes of national cuisines. Beef is not prepared for flights to India, and curry is used as seasoning. For passengers flying to the Middle East, pork is excluded. Krishnas consume only water, green apples and nuts. Particular attention is paid to the development and preparation of a menu of baby food. Aeromar always tries to please and anticipate the needs of customers. Delicious surprises are prepared for many holidays. For example, for the New Year, regardless of the class of service, passengers are offered champagne, chocolate and Christmas gifts. All food before being sent on board the aircraft undergoes a full check by the security service. The quality and variety of on-board catering is a matter of particular concern for leading airlines and a significant factor in the formation of their reputation. Today, Aeromar JSC products are provided to many airlines operating flights from Sheremetyevo Airport, including the largest Russian carrier - Aeroflot-Russian Airlines PJSC.