One of critically important primarily factors of flight’s and airline’s assessment by passengers is the level of service and cleanliness on-board. To maintain cleanliness and tidiness on-board, as well as to provide passengers with comfort items CJSC Aeromar carries out aircraft cleaning and outfitting activities. We offer a number of various types of on-board cleaning depending on process restrictions, i.e. on aircraft stationing time, sanitary and hygiene requirements. In accordance with a type of cleaning, necessary personnel is allocated who performs corresponding operations on-board an airplane. Cleaning and outfitting technology on-board aircrafts of the Aeroflot Company envisages three types of cleaning: full cleaning, recourse cleaning and reduced recourse cleaning. They differ in terms of duration, operations and number of cleaning personnel. In case of recourse cleaning, there are time limitations and therefore obligatory operations involve wiping of tables, outfitting of passenger seat pockets and hoovering of floor cover. All other parts of a cabin are treated during full cleaning. If an airplane is stationing at a base airport for more than three hours, it is possible to make full cleaning and if it is stationing for two hours – recourse cleaning. Each aircraft is subject to full cleaning once a week. Full cleaning on-board a wide-body aircraft takes 2 – 2.5 hours and recourse cleaning takes 20 – 40 minutes. Cleaning involves the use of environmentally friendly cleaning, washing and decontaminating agents of a vast scope of application. On-board airplane, CJSC Aeromar employees change seat headrests, outfit passenger sit pockets with safety instructions, airsick bags, in-flight magazines and catalogues. Depending on flight duration and time passenger seats are supplied with pillows and travelling rugs.