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Aeromar is one of the undeniable leaders in the catering services market in Russia. We guarantee the quality and safety of on-board catering and provide timely, high-class service.

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32009376659Сопоставление предложенийПоставка пива для обеспечения пассажиров классов Бизнес и Комфорт на рейсах ПАО "Аэрофлот"26.08.2020

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Attention! Recently, cases of fraud have become more frequent!

On behalf of JSC Aeromar signed by Yulia Viktorovna Fedorova, Head of the Supply Department of DME (tel. + 7-919-784-16-02), Senior Manager of the Supply Department of DME, Dmitry Viktorovich Sokolov (tel. + 7-916 -530-56-73), as well as on behalf of Abliev Ruslan (tel. + 7-968-000-06-74) sending out various legal entities with a proposal to prepare a package documents for participation in the procurement. The above persons do not work and have never worked at JSC Aeromar.


All procurement activities of Aeromar JSC are carried out by the procurement and competitive activities department of the DME. Procurements are carried out in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 18, 2011 N 223-FZ "On the procurement of goods, works, services by certain types of legal entities."
Regulations on the purchase of TRU JSC Aeromar (DP III-07.1-006-14В) dated 23.01.2019

We hereby inform you that JSC Aeromar carries out its procurement activities strictly in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of procurement (223-FZ).


Procurement information is posted in the Unified Procurement Information System on the website and Aeromar JSC does not send any mailings to anyone in connection with its procurement activities.


Once again, we draw your attention! The most current information on the procurement activities of Aeromar JSC is published on the official website of the unified procurement information system -