Important information

Aeromar is the largest airline company in Russia producing food for air passengers. We provide services for cleaning and equipping aircraft interiors, as well as providing trade.
Work with personal data

The legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data is based on the Constitution of the Russian Federation and international treaties of the Russian Federation and consists of this Federal Law and other defining cases and features of the processing of personal data of federal laws.

Federal Law of July 27, 2006 N 152-ФЗ On Personal Data

Occupational Safety and Health

In connection with the adoption of federal laws of December 28, 2013 No. 426-ФЗ and No. 421-ФЗ “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in Connection with the Adoption of the Federal Law“ On a Special Assessment of Working Conditions ”, amending Article 212 of the Labor Code Russian Federation.

Aeromar conducted a special assessment of working conditions, which is a single set of sequentially implemented measures to identify harmful and (or) hazardous production factors and assess the level of their impact on the employee, taking into account the deviation of their actual values ​​from the established hygienic standards of working conditions and the use of individual means and collective protection of workers. Based on the results of a special assessment of working conditions, classes (subclasses) of working conditions at workplaces are established.

Request for quotation

In order to combat crime in the computer sphere, including the distribution of viruses, as well as to make it more likely to receive and study in detail a commercial proposal from potential customers, we ask you to pay attention to the procedure for filling out an official request to Aeromar:

  1. The letter must be executed on the official letterhead of the company indicating the name of the legal entity and details.
  2. Indicate the date of preparation and outgoing document number.
  3. The title reflect the essence of the question-proposal.
  4. Describe the purpose of the letter (business proposal or request for specific information) or draw up a proposal for cooperation.
  5. In the signature reflect the name and position of the addressee.
  6. Indicate contact information for feedback.
  7. Send an email to