St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg
г. Санкт-Петербург, Пулковское шоссе, дом 41, литера БТ, 1 этаж ч.п.1-H (№№ 1, ч.ч.п. 2, 3-26, 28-31, 38).

In  December 2011 first Branch of CJSC “Aeromar” – “Aeromar Saint Petersburg” started operation in Saint Petersburg. Today it is successful developmental division supplying high quality, various and safe meals for foreign and Russian air companies departing Pulkovo airport, rendering service to the companies performing special, custom-made, government flight, Business aviation flights. “Aeromar – Saint Petersburg” Branch locates directly in the zone of the airport Pulkovo. The favorable location enables not only to uninterrupted serve  the regular flights departing in accordance with the schedule, and also to fulfill meals provision orders for passengers of delayed flights and urgent extra orders.

Correspondence of our Branch meals to high quality  standard is confirmed by regular service of air crafts performing flights for official delegation of different level departing Pulkovo airport.

In the recent past the Branch was the Key supplier of in-flight meals for participants of the Summit “G 20”, which took place in the September of the current year in Saint Petersburg. According to the result of the work a lot of gratitudes were received from the clients.

Today about 500 people are working for the Branch, more, than 24 000 meals are producing and more, than 150 flights are serving per day. For delivery of meals up-do-date certified vehicles fleet is exploiting for ensuring safe service all types of air crafts. The Customers of our fleet are 16 Russian and 13 foreign air companies. Among them OJSC “Aeroflot”, OJSC “Rossia”, OJSC “DONAVIA”, OJSC “Orenburg Airlines”, air company “Yakutia”, “Air France”, “ British Airways”, Lufthansa, “Iberia”, “Korean Air”  and others.

Today skill level of the employees and production capacities of the Branch “Aeromar-Saint Petersburg” are able to provide in-flight meals of high quality in the requested volume for all air companies performing flights from Saint Petersburg.