In October 2022, JSC «Aeromar» updated the Halal certificate for the next 3 years, which once again confirms that JSC «Aeromar» is a leader in the production of on-board meals for air passengers in accordance with the requirements of Halal and the international system of classifications of specialized meals - the Muslim menu MOML.

The received Halal certificate confirms that the personnel, raw materials, related products, a separate cooking shop, equipment, auxiliary tools, storage rooms, cold rooms, documentation for Halal products and raw materials meet the religious requirements for Halal products.

The compliance of on-board meals with the requirements of "Halal" is confirmed by Halal experts and the logo of "Halal" CRO "SAMAPR" on each package.

This is an important step for our company, as Halal products are in great demand among consumers, including those who do not belong to the religion of Islam. The "Halal" conformity mark is known all over the world and is the guarantor of food safety of products of "spiritual origin".

"Halal" means that the products are under additional control of international experts in the field of Halal certification, confirming their compliance with Halal standards, as well as product quality, high environmental and safety requirements, and do not contain harmful preservatives, additives, meeting the requirements of shelf life and storage.

The certification was carried out by the International Committee of the Halal Standard "The Central Religious Organization "Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Asian Part of Russia"