To create comfortable in-flight conditions for airlines’ passengers in compliance with servicing standards established by a given company, all flights are provided with comfort items, outfits and servicing facilities.Comfort items are provided on board an airplane depending on an airline carrier, flight duration, time of departure from a base to destination airport, flight servicing class, number of passengers per servicing class, passenger cabin layout and number of aircrew personnel. 

  For business class passengers a selection of amenity kits is available, which are handed out depending on flight duration. For small passengers CJSC Aeromar offers to airline companies children’s amenity kits, which are usually distributed on all regular flights irrespective of servicing class.

  Amenity kits for children are available in four variants.They differ according to an age group:for children from 2 to 5 years of age and for children from 6 to 12 years of age, as well as according to a destination:to/from Moscow.A child’s amenity kit may include:a colouring book, a set of felt-tip pens, a cap, socks, board games and etc. Options of a kit arrangement differ depending on airline’s requirements.For the smallest passengers we offer baby cot sets. 

  Also, airlines’ flights are provided with DG players for watching video films and listening to the music.This service is mainly rendered to business class passengers. To make a flight as convenient as possible, CJSC Aeromar provides business and economy class passengers with pillows and travelling blanket.

  Each passenger seat is equipped with a fabric headrest cover which is changed after each flight.Seat pockets are supplied with airsick bags. For the convenience of passengers and crew members, CJSC Aeromar also provides on-board cloth hangers, oshibori towels, refreshing napkins, lavatory outfits and etc. 

  CJSC Aeromar exerts all efforts to make a flight as comfortable as possible for passengers of all classes.