Собеседования проводятся по адресу: Московская область г. Химки, Шереметьевское шоссе, д. 5, каб. 119 по будням с 9:00 до 14:00.

  • cleaning of passenger cabins and pilot cabins of aircraft;
  • fulfill the technological schedule of aircraft maintenance;
  • promptly call a vehicle for the aircraft garbage collection;
  • report to the management (foreman, chief) about things found during cleaning on board the aircraft or documents forgotten by passengers.
  • no work experience;
  • secondary education.
50,000 rubles
  • Full time employment, formal employment;
  • Stable salary payments 2 times a month;
  • Work in a stable large company; work on the territory of Sheremetyevo airport;
  • Free medical commission for employment;
  • Professional growth opportunity
  • Free food;
  • Assistance in organizing accommodation in a hostel;
  • Annual paid vacation (30 days);
  • Free annual medical examination;
  • Partial payment for kindergartens and tickets while on vacation.